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Many use foot towels which are thicker, rectangular towels used in place of bath mats.turkeyforyou. We all have a stock of hefty bath towels in our homes. Towels can be thrown around the neck or over the shoulder after your favorite workout to check perspiration, or at the beach or pool as a stylish accessory.? A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. "History of Turkish Towels. Wikipedia. However, while there are numerous well-known towel makers around the globe, the most prized towels are those from Turkey. It seems so mundane, so "everyday" but, without towels, life will certainly be different!

For hundreds of years, human beings have used towels primarily to absorb moisture! Made out of extra absorbent fabric, usually terry cotton, a towel's fibers are specially constructed to wick away moisture. For what, you may ask? For cleaning and freshening up of course! There are many different types of towels and they are all generally used with the purpose of absorbing moisture, whether it is to dry dishes, cleaning up a spill in the kitchen, as a barrier between a gym machine and your skin or wicking away the extra suntan lotion you applied, towels are a must in daily life. They can also double as table napkins, hand towels, baby burp cloths, and even cold or hot compresses! In many Asian restaurants, a warm face towel is offered at the start of the meal while a cold one is offered at the end.

From wiping down bodies after washing, a bath or after exercising; to laying out on the beach for that prized tan; for use in the kitchen to wipe away spills; even to act as makeshift blankets or handkerchiefs; and to being immortalized in literature, towels are certainly one of the most useful human inventions! References: 1. Known to have invented the towel, the Turkish people have created a product that is thick, heavy, cozy and luxurious. The loops in the fibers help collect water quickly and easily, ensuring faster drying of a person's body or whatever it is he or she is wiping down. We lay out hand towels in guest bathrooms so that visitors to our home have something to wipe their hands with after washing. On this day, fans tote towels around to show their love for the author and his works. Around the world, the manufacture of towels and its basic design don't really change much. And, especially in Asia, face towels - handkerchief-sized towels - are extremely popular to dab the sweat induced by a hot summer day. Extra large beach towels are used to provide a surface to lie on the sand or for drying off after a day of dunking.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy What's so great about towels? Well, imagine life without them! For instance, don't we all know what it's like to come out of our bath and discovering that there are no towels laid out! Or going to the beach only to find that there is nothing to spread out on the sand to lounge on? In other words, this accessory which, simply, is used to absorb moisture, is something that we should not take for granted. Many powerful people, members of royalty and the wealthy are known to use only Turkish towels. history About Author Karen Davis The late author Douglas Adams in his book" The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" made the towel the quintessential accessory to interstellar travel! In fact, as a tribute to Adams, fans have been celebrating Towel Day every May 25th since China Sports Towel Manufacturers Today, towels come in all shapes, sizes and textures, such as plain cotton towels without the cotton loops and are used for various purposes. These face towels, also known as washcloths, are usually smaller and sometimes thinner than regular towels. A towel "connoisseur" will know that the Turkish towels are the ultimate in luxury. Aside from being useful in everyday life, it is interesting to note that towels have made their appearance in pop culture as well

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